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The school lays emphasis moral values among its students. Two of the basic moral values on which due stress is given are Respect and Responsibility. Value Education is conducted as a part of the class activities in the home-room periods. Students are given topics based on values like honesty, fairness, tolerance, prudence, compassion, co-operation, helpfulness, self discipline, courage etc. to discuss and they are observed and evaluated according to the adoption and reflection of these values in their behavior.

Happiness Class is a part of the school curriculum. It is an educational initiative to de-stress students, to bring about a healthier and happier relationship between teachers and students. It is a platform which provides students, to express talent and creativity, ensuring quality and decorum with a prescribed framework.

In an endeavor towards grooming of students to inculcate the quality of confidence, team spirit and healthy competitiveness, the entire school community from class I onwards is divided into 4 houses which are named after precious gems signifying the qualities that the school wishes to develop in each student. The four houses are.

The school provides adequate games and sports facilities to its students. Participation of the students in sports is essential in the Physical Education periods. Extra coaching is also provided to the students in chess, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Cricket etc. the participation of the students in these activities is also assessed on the scale which applies to assessing work and Art Education.

There are number of extra- curricular activities which supplement the class work of the students. These activities not only widen the horizon of the students knowledge but also sharpen their skills and develop their personalities.

A Student Council is formed every session in order to instill leadership quality in students. The members of Student Council constitute students from Class V onwards. This gives them a sense of responsibility and ownership. The Student Council becomes a mouthpiece of the students. They act as a link between the Head of the School, teachers and students. They help to organize different activities scheduled in the event calendar along with teachers. The objective is to ensure that today’s students are well prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world.

Delhi World Public School

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Contribution from all members of the school community will be valued and recognised. 


We aim to promote challenge through high expectations of learning and behaviour.


Creativity is a strong focus ensuring that school is fun! The school will be a bright attractive, stimulating place to learn.


We value parents and governors as our partners in education and will involve them and the wider community, in the life of the school.


Children will be happy and secure and their achievements will be celebrated and value by us.


The School will grow and change but we will remain true to our vision.


We realise the importance of efficient, effective communication. Everyone must feel that they have equal opportunities for consultation and information.


Leadership club is a practical means to develop an independent positive attitude and to encourage in children a sense of rights and responsibility for their work and behavior.


With a view to handle growing consciousness and concern regarding Health, a comprehensive School Health Programme is promoted in the school through Health Clubs.


Experimental Learning is part of holistic education promoted by Educational Boards. This method gives maximum exposure of the outside world to the students so that they imbibe knowledge, Values and Etiquette, Culture and Skill, to become human beings with broader spectrum.

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It is the Dipsite Pedagogy system that makes a Delhi World Public School different from other schools. It is an innovative effort to integrate the best ideas in education taken from all good practices in India and around the world.

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