Fee Structure


Note: Rs 1000/- to be paid in cash, it the prospectus and admission form are download from the school website.

1Prospectus FeeOne Time500/-
2Registration ChargesOne Time2000/-
At the time of Admission
1Admission feeOne Time3000/-
2Caution Money (Refundable)One Time2000/-
1 Annual ChargesYearly5000/-
Tuition Fee (Per Month)Monthly
1Classes (Nur to KG)3000 x 10
2Classes (I-V)3000 x 10
3Classes (VI-VII)4000 x 10
 Bus Fee (Per Month)Monthly
1Upto 8 Kms800 x10
28 Kms to 15 Kms1000 x10
3Above1200 x 10
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About Us

It is the Dipsite Pedagogy system that makes a Delhi World Public School different from other schools. It is an innovative effort to integrate the best ideas in education taken from all good practices in India and around the world.

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